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Keeping Pets and Animals Healthy For Over 19 Years

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Greetings from our veterinarian, Dr. Dibbern, and his staff at Countryside Veterinary Clinic. Our animal hospital has been meeting the health and wellness needs of Charles Town pets just like yours for 19 years, and we're looking forward to providing many more years of skilled, friendly care. As proud members of the American Vet Medical Association and the West Virginia Vet Medical Association, we combine the personalized service of a small-town clinic with the state-of-the-art technologies and techniques you'd expect from a major metropolitan facility.

Veterinary Care for Maintaining Healthy Pets

Countryside Veterinary Clinic places a heavy emphasis on wellness, since the proper "preventative maintenance" can help your pet avoid many illnesses right off the bat. Our concern for your pet's health begins while he is still young. Our veterinarian provides vaccinations to protect young animals from potentially deadly diseases, spay and neuter surgery to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reproductive cancers, and preventative medications against pests and parasites. As your pet enters adulthood, we continue to monitor his health through annual physical evaluations and also administer booster shots to keep him properly vaccinated.

Eye, ear and skin health are important indicators of your pet's overall wellness, and our veterinarian has extensive experience in these areas. For instance, allergic reactions, parasitic infestations or fungal infections frequently result in red, swollen, itchy patches of skin. As your pet licks or chews at these irritated patches, the combination of skin damage and moisture opens a door for bacteria to enter and create a serious secondary infection. Our veterinarian offers allergy testing and other diagnostics to pinpoint the cause of these skin problems and provide soothing treatment to prevent or reverse complications. Our pet hospital also checks ears for mites, a common and irritating pest, and looks for signs of eye infections or injuries.

Senior pets face special challenges, including age-related ailments such as kidney or liver failure, congestive heart failure and thyroid disorders, as well as an elevated risk of cancer. These diseases may not show obvious outward symptoms, which is why our veterinarian will want to monitor your pet's health even more closely as he ages. Pets have a tendency toward obesity as they slow down, and this problem can magnify other age-related issues. Our animal hospital can recommend dietary or lifestyle changes to help your pet maintain a healthy weight throughout his life. When your pet has an immediate health need, our animal hospital is ready to help, up to and including major surgery or other comprehensive treatments.

Our animal hospital even provides cat boarding for those times when you must be separated from your feline family members. Your cat will enjoy an ideal combination of affectionate care, professional supervisions and a peaceful environment. We can also connect owners with reputable kennels and pet sitters for their dogs. Contact our office at 304-885-0888 to learn more!

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