Pet Dermatology and Care for Animal Allergies

pet_dermatology_wv.jpgA pet’s skin and coat can tell us a lot more about his or her health than many realize. The skin is can be indicative of deeper health issues that need to be addressed. Dr. Dibbern has extensive experience in pet dermatology and can pinpoint the causes behind your pet’s growths, rashes, hot spots, flaky skin, etc. Dr. Dibbern can also refer you to a dermatology specialist for allergy testing if needed.

Pet Dermatology Assessment Services

There are many skin conditions afflicting cats and dogs that generally fall under the heading “dermatitis” (meaning an inflammation of the skin). Dr. Dibbern often finds that a pet’s skin problem comes either from an environmental allergen, parasites, or a nutritional deficiency. On some occasions, growths may be the sign of cancer or another, rarer, more involved problem.

Some of the most frequent skin irritation problems for pets are pests such as fleas and ticks. Not only can pets lick and scratch themselves causing hot spots and infections, but these parasites often carry dangerous diseases that can make your pet very sick.  It is always important to keep your pet’s flea and tick preventative medications up-to-date to avoid itchy, irritating bites.  We offer several options for flea and tick control, so you can choose which best suits your lifestyle.  

Skin allergies are another major problem for pets. Some pet suffer from the same allergens that afflict their owners: grass, weed or tree pollen, dust mites, and food sensitivities.

Fungal and yeast infections can also plague pets, particularly in warm, moist areas between their toes and in their ears. If your pet constantly paws his ears, or cannot stop fussing with her toes, come in for an evaluation.

Call us today at 304-885-0888 if you suspect your pet is suffering from a skin condition or allergic reaction so we can make a full assessment and implement care or a referral right away.


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  • "I am so pleased. They spent a lot of time and I feel like I finally have some answers to my poor dog. We have been battling a skin infection for almost a year."
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