Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding at Your Charles Town Veterinarian

Our Charles Town Veterinary Hospital can offer suggestions for great local boarding kennels for your dog - at this time we only provide boarding services for cats.

Cat Boarding at Charles Town Veterinary ClinicThere are many reasons you may want to consider cat boarding at our veterinary clinic throughout the year, but the holiday season can be an especially good time to choose this option for the comfort of your cat. If you are traveling, whether for the holidays or for a business trip or just some time away, it may be difficult to take your cat with you. Some cats don't travel well and may become anxious or stressed. Some may not be able to adjust to a change in diet or routine. And others may not be welcome in hotels or at someone else's home.

Staying at home can be just as stressful on your cats if you're expecting a lot of company. Many cats, especially older ones, like to stick to a routine and may start acting out if they feel stressed. Guests may feel they are being "kind" and feed them too much "human" food. Children who aren't familiar with cats might not know how to play with them. You might not have the time to make sure they get their proper exercise or stay on their feeding schedule either. That's why many of our clients take advantage of the cat boarding services available at our veterinary clinic.

Even if you can impose on well-meaning friends and neighbors, who really are better prepared to care for your beloved animal companions than the trained professionals at our pet hospital? At the Countryside Veterinary Clinic, we know how important animal companionship is to our friends and neighbors in the Charles Town community, so we treat your pets like the valued family members they are. You can enjoy your vacation or time away knowing we're keeping them on schedule and making sure they get lots of love and attention.

Animal Hospital Pet Care Services Beyond Cat Boarding

When bringing your felines in for boarding, make sure we have a complete health history and know what medications they are taking. Using cat boarding services at our veterinary clinic is also wise in case your pet needs some type of medical attention. Our veterinarian, Dr. Dennis Dibbern, and the entire staff here at our Charles Town pet hospital are committed to keeping pets happy and healthy, whether they're just visiting for an appointment or staying for a visit. We provide routine and emergency care for a wide variety of animals using the latest in technology and medical procedures.

In addition to cat boarding, services available from our veterinarian include spay and neuter, pet surgery, dental care and vaccinations. Dr. Dibbern has been in practice since 1971, with a specific pet care focus on ears, eyes, and skin diseases. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the West Virginia Veterinary Medical Association. Whether it's routine veterinary care, pet surgery such as spay and neuter, or pet boarding, you can always count on the pet care professionals at Countryside to provide a high level of love and care for your Charles Town pets.


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