Canine Influenza Vaccination

A Canine Flu Alert from Our Charles Town Veterinarian

Many pet owners are accustomed to seeing warnings that urge people to get flu shots every year, and it is common to get the shot to maintain good health throughout flu season. But are many dogs are not receiving similar protection. A virus called canine influenza has become an increasing threat in recent years, and unless a dog is protected against this specific germ, he could very easily become a flu sufferer himself. Fortunately, dog flu vaccines in Charles Town can help prevent the spread of this highly contagious disease.

Canine influenza is a relatively recent problem -- and one that is not native to dogs. It would appear that the original influenza virus occurred in horses and later mutated so that it could infect dogs as well. Fortunately, humans cannot contract canine influenza, but the canine members of a pet’s human family are still at risk. The bug is highly contagious, meaning that a dog can easily contract it from another neighborhood animal and then spread it to other dogs within the household or during play dates. Symptoms of canine influenza include the runny nose, fever and cough typical of many other canine viruses, but in some cases pneumonia or other serious complications can develop. If you suspect that your dog is suffering from influenza we recommend that you bring him in for evaluation. Still, prevention through vaccination is the best treatment option.

Your Source for Canine Flu Vaccines in Charles Town

Canine flu vaccines in Charles Town can protect your pet from this insidious virus. Our veterinarian in Charles Town updates the vaccination every year so to keep the immunity level strong. While a canine generally only needs the shot once per year, there is an exception to schedule. After a dog’s very first canine influenza vaccine shot, he should return to in 3 weeks so we can administer a booster injection to ensure that the protection kicks in properly. Dog flu vaccines in Charles Town are especially important for pets who spend time in boarding facilities.

Contact our Charles Town veterinarian today to schedule this important wellness procedure for your dog -- along with any other vaccinations he may need. Countryside Veterinary Clinic is your source for dog flu vaccines in Charles Town!


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